A typical bedtime agenda: a reading of Lanang’s favourite books. But tonight we are reading the new book we gifted him for his birthday, it’s about a boy who always refuses to brush his teeth and ends up with “worms” in his mouth (guess why the topic?haha) Anyways it’s actually a really great book, it covers most common toddler issues such as brushing your teeth, sharing your toys, and being nice to each other.

This video was taken last night after his birthday, what an exciting night for a toddler: a cake with trains (picture coming up later) and many many gifts. A big thank you to Lanang’s eyang Titi for putting together the get-together: food and the cake even..! Also to eyang Pipi for the Timlo soup and chocolate pudding. What I did: bought some snack for Iftar about 1.5 hours before everybody arrived. :p Grateful that so many love and care about our little family.. Lanang received a lot of special gifts last night, one of them a special whale pillow made by eDini…thank you!

Interventions are mostly un-welcomed, but lately it has been much welcomed. Lots of things on my mind that I can’t really make a list of or even grasp…just “things” making it so easy for my mind to wander off…well, some of them are Papayo’s birthday in less than 3 weeks (thank god gift is already bought!) and..well, Papayo leaving for Milan in 29 days. I have a lot of countdowns in my phone’s home screen. While Papayo leaving is not my favourite, it is followed by my second favorite which is the day I will finally be freeee (D-90) and after that, my favorite countdown…which is me and Lanang coming to Milan early next year (yay!)

Nevertheless….the sight of that giant suitcase in the bedroom is.. :(